How much are adoption fees?
Kitten/cat adoption fees are dependent on the age of the cat, whether or not they have received a rabies vaccination, and, if so, whether or not the adopter’s residence is in Jefferson County. Kittens (5 months and younger) are approximately $175 – $185. Adult cats are approximately $85 – $95. Please note that these fees are set by the Kentucky Humane Society and are subject to change depending on them. The fee goes to the shelter to help cover the costs of the medical care the pets have had before they arrive. Purrfect Day Cafe does not receive the adoption fee and, therefore, the lounge visit fee does not apply to the adoption. (For a video of the adoption process, please click here).

Where do you get your kitties from?
All of our kitties come from the Kentucky Humane Society. They work with approximately 40 different shelters within our region. All of our kitties are either surrendered or found as strays and in need of a furrever home. With our model and adoption rate, we have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate the need for euthanasia in overcrowded shelters in our region.

What is the process if I am interested in adopting?
First, you will make a booking via the website to meet our adoptable kitties. When you arrive and are being introduced to the room, let one of our staff know you are actively looking to adopt. When you fall in love with a kitty, you will then fill out an adoption survey. Then one of our amazing adoption counselors will go over everything. Adoption approvals are typically finalized on-site, which means your adoption pick-up will be scheduled or you may take home your new family member the same day. Same-day take-home is dependent on the number of kitties at the cafe and within the KHS system. *Please note that we don’t complete adoptions after the last session hour. Pick-ups MAY have to be arranged for the following day.

What does the adoption fee include?
The adoption fee includes alteration (spay/neuter) of the pet, microchip, dewormer, flea treatment, and any vaccines up to their age before they arrive at the cafe. Additionally, you are sent home with a cardboard carrier, sample bag of cat food, coupons for the Kentucky Humane Society, certificate for a complimentary health exam at VCA animal hospitals, 30 days of MetLife pet insurance, and more!

Should I buy the insurance?
The 30 day free trial of insurance is a great way to ensure your adopted pet starts off on the right foot. We, therefore, HIGHLY encourage adopters to activate it. Unlike many free trials, you are not required to put down a credit card for when the trial ends nor do you have to cancel it to ensure you are not charged. Near the end of the trial period, MetLife would contact you to see if you want to continue. Many of our shelter animals have tough beginnings and unknown origins so utilizing this insurance is in their and your best interest.

Have the cats been spayed/ neutered and do they have shots?
All kitties fostered at the cafe are up to date on their vaccines and medical protocols in relation to their age. They have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, administered flea treatment and dewormer, and have even been microchipped. All of these services come included in your adoption fee, which is paid directly to the Kentucky Humane Society.

Can I put a cat on hold that I saw online?
No, we do not hold kitties over the phone or social media. We only do holds in person after an adopter has met with the kitties (we want to ensure lifelong matches so we require a booking with the cat before adoptions or holds can happen). If you think you want to adopt but aren’t sure about it and need more time to think about it, talk to us about hold processes before you leave.

Can I take home my kitty the same day?
Taking home the same day depends on the Kentucky Humane Society’s intake and care at the time and how many kitties we have already adopted for the day. Remember, if we let all the kitties go home the same day, we would not have any for customers to snuggle with later in the day. The health of
the cafe greatly depends on everyone knowing they have a furriend to play with, whether or not they are adopting. No cats, no cafe.

Do you take in stray cats?

Regrettably, we cannot do intake. Cats need to be cleared  by a vet before they are introduced to our colony and we don’t have vet staff on site. We  partner with the Kentucky Humane Society for this. You can contact them via this link to get the kitty seen by a vet and then hopefully to us:

I need to find a place to surrender my cat

Purrfect Day Cafe cannot do intake directly. Cats need to be cleared by a vet before they are introduced to our  colony and we don’t have vet staff on site. We partner with the Kentucky Humane  Society for this. You can contact them via this link to get the kitty seen by a vet and then  hopefully to us:

I adopted a cat from you. Can I bring it back?

No, you cannot bring your cat back directly to the cafe. Every kitty must go through a thorough health check before coming into the cafe, including cats that need to be returned. All of this information is in your adoption packet, including the KHS 14-day return policy which applies your adoption fee towards the adoption of another animal within the next 6 months. You can contact KHS to return your kitty at https://www.kyhumane.org/services/pet-surrender 

I have health concerns about a cat I adopted at the cafe

Our cafe has some of the  most thorough cleaning standards and cat care policies in the industry. Just like with  people though, sometimes the kitties are asymptomatic (not showing signs of illness)  while they are with us and end up getting adopted and going home. Our partners at the  Kentucky Humane Society can help you if this happens. You can call them at  502-509-4738 or email them at [email protected] Please put in the  subject line ‘Recently Adopted Sick Kitten/Cat’. Email is typically responded to more quickly.  Again, Purrfect Day doesn’t have vet staff but KHS does so contacting us directly will not immediately address the issue. 

Do you accept donations?

For a list of items the cafe needs go to one of the the following links: https://www.kyhumane.org/ways-to-give/wishlist/ or https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3VDX72YE3DBCH?ref=cm_go_nav_hz  

If you have any additional items we recommend you bring them directly to the Kentucky  Humane Society at either of the following Louisville locations (no appointment is necessary) 

East Campus – 1000 Lyndon Lane
Main Campus – 241 Steedly Drive

Is there a minimum age requirement?

There is no minimum age requirement for general admission to the cafe, however, Friday and Saturday nights are adults (18+) only from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and some of our events have age restrictions as well. Guests of all ages are welcome any other time. All children must have an adult accompany them in the cat lounge. We do politely ask that all parents supervise their children and ensure they follow our cat lounge rules. Children under 11 years of age are asked not to pick up the kitties.

Do I need to make reservations? Reservations are highly recommended especially on weekends and the summer months. Each hour is limited to 14 reservations and is often full. Our staff hates to turn away smiling faces, especially the little ones. Walkin visits are only sold as available. Note that our upstairs areas are strictly walkin only as we do not always have cats or kittens in these areas and they are provided on a first come/first served basis.

How does all this work?

Purrfect Day Cafe is like a cafe and bar meets an adoption center. To visit the kitties, we recommend reservations and sessions run on the hour and are limited to 14 reserved spots. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get drinks and food but note only drinks are allowed in the room (we don’t want kitties trying to eat your food). After a brief announcement by one of our staff, you are free to cuddle. Should you find a match, you simply fill out your adoption applications, and once approved we schedule your take-home date. For more adoption information see “I want more information on how to adopt”. For a video tour of the cafe, click here.

I have questions on the menu.

A preview of our menu can be found here. We also have seasonal food and drinks that might not be reflected. For any dietary questions, just message us on social media or simply ask the team for more information.

How do I cancel my reservations?

Simply click the “change” button on your confirmation email to cancel or move to another date. No refunds are provided for cancellations within 24 hours of your booking and sometimes further (48 hours or more) with specific events where supplies are purchased ahead of time. A 4% fee is passed along with every cancellation. If you have any challenges, please message us on social media.

How do I use a gift card?

Gift cards can be used as normal at the cafe. Unfortunately, our gift cards are not compatible with our reservation software at this time. If you’d like to use a gift card for a reservation, please contact us via social media or email us at [email protected] and we can arrange that.

How do I use my 9 Lives card?

Once you have 8 punches on your card, a staff member will provide a code for a free visit bookable via the website. To use that code online, the visit must be booked by itself (not as part of a larger group) for the coupon code field to populate. Please contact us via social media or email us at [email protected] if you need additional help.

Is there parking available?

There are several street parking spaces directly in front of the cafe, 16 spots in the alley behind the shopping center, and all along the adjacent streets.

What if I am running late?

Please email or message us and let us know that you are running late and we will do our best to save your spot. Purrfect Day Cafe can fill that spot if you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled time. Please keep in mind that we can be booked up so moving your reservation back an hour, especially on weekends, may not be possible.

Do you host private parties like a birthday?

Yes, we do! We love to host parties of all kinds – birthdays, bachelorettes, wedding showers, baby showers, and more. We can offer packages that take care of all the details, or you can just rent the cat room and handle the details yourself, whichever you prefer. Head on over to our “Private Pawties” section of the site and email our event coordinator for more information at [email protected].

Do you have a list of the kitties at the cafe?
All of the kitties at the cafe can be found at the following link – https://www.kyhumane.org/adopt/cats/?l=Purrfect+Day+Cafe. This list is updated in real time so it is usually very accurate. Occasionally, a cat has been adopted but the website has not updated, yet. The best way to check this is just to come and visit.

Where do you get your cats?
All of our kitties come fully vetted from the Kentucky Humane Society. They are surrendered due to family circumstances or found and turned into shelters across our region.

I would like a special breed and type of cat.
On occasion, we have specific sought after breeds. That being said, all of our cats are rescue animals from a shelter and it is uncommon for breeds like this to end up in a shelter. Our advice to adopters is always to come with an open heart and let a kitty pick you. Very often we find that the cat someone thought they would adopt before visiting is not the one they ultimately choose. We do not hold cats until after an adopter has visited to ensure the best possibility for the cat to get adopted.

Do you have the history of each kitty?
Some surrenders do have a history that the owner or foster wants to pass along to prospective adopters, especially adults. However, most of our kitties, especially kittens, are found within our community and are turned into shelters where they eventually make it to the cafe.

Are the cats healthy?
Every kitty has gone through a thorough vetting process and given a good bill of health. Keep in mind that rescue kitties do go through a lot and many of them do not show signs of stress or sickness while at the cafe. KHS does provide a pet resource line should you have any challenges at 502-509-4PET (4738) or send an email to [email protected].

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