Louisville’s Most Unique and Purrfect Cat Cafe Experience

by | Nov 6, 2023

In August 2018, Louisville added a new and creative concept to the many exciting things to do. It was a cat cafe, a growing trend of destinations being added across the country whose appeal is mostly to animal lovers and those who want to make an impact on animal welfare. Many had not heard of this concept, and others doubted that such a unique business would make it past a few months.

Louisville as a Top Tourist Destination

Louisville has been a growing tourism town, especially with the resurgence of bourbon tourism or bourbonism. According to the Kentucky Distillers Association, visitors along the Kentucky bourbon trail reached over 2 million for the first time last year, up over 38% from last year. This not only tells us that Louisville is a popular destination, but it also says people are flocking to our community for an experience. No longer are people desiring “stuff”. They are looking to enjoy times, unique neighborhoods, and each other. And now, along comes a cat cafe. The Purrfect Day Cafe, to be exact.

Does Purrfect Day Cafe blend fine spirits? No, but we serve bourbon and meowcohol, and we think it also lifts spirits. What makes Purrfect Day Cafe so unique is its business approach as a social enterprise model that embraces the destination tendencies of today’s culture to impact a community. More and more of our population lives through purposeful experiences, so why not start a concept with purpose?

Purrfect Day Cafe is an Experience

Purrfect Day cat Cafe set out with a focused objective of becoming an experience when it opened in August of 2018. It knew if people embraced the space as a destination, this would ultimately lead to increased adoptions. The theory was to provide a unique concept that would appeal to a broad range of animal lovers and community lovers. We wanted to be a fun place where parents could bring small children to help provide a special family memory. Additionally, we wanted to be a go-to date night destination for couples, young and old. We wanted to embrace a diverse spectrum. After all, cat lovers come in many packages. Purrfect Day Cafe was confident we could turn Louisville into “Meowiville” by challenging our community to support animal welfare by investing in the cafe. And it worked!

Purrfect Day Cafe is Making A Difference

Today, the Purrfect Day Cafe brings in about 25,000 visitors a year. We adopt 1700 cats annually and raise over $13,000 in donations to impact shelters across the state. We added a second cat cafe in Covington, Kentucky, that finds homes for over 1300 cats a year, totaling 3000 cats saved every year. As a result of home so many cats, shelters are finally encouraged to take in even more cats, which lowers the number of cats that need to be euthanized or released into the wild without homes. This disruptive thought was based on one principle thought. The community would support a destination if they knew it would be fun and make an impact at the same time.

Louisville will forever hold the titles of a bourbon town, a Derby town, or a town of Sluggers. We are also confident that Louisville will forever be the home of the Purrfect Day cat Cafe, a destination for animal adopters, lovers, and supporters whose unique mindset has driven an unprecedented innovation in lifesaving. This support will serve as an example to people who want to make a difference in their community and innovative thinkers who want to make an impact by thinking outside the litter box.